Custom Home Architecture

Whether you are embarking on your first custom home design project or this process is familiar to you, it is important to have an experienced architect to lead you to success. Violanda has the knowledge, experience and talent to guide you through every phase of the design process from the initial schematic design through final construction documents.

One of Violanda’s unique strengths is her creative and personalized approach to each and very project. She takes the time to sit down and simply listen to her clients.…really getting to know them and their dreams, needs, interests and desires. What are their financial goals? How do they see themselves living in their home? How do they see themselves interacting in it, raising their children, entertaining? Is the home a weekend retreat or year-round sanctuary? Designing a new home is a collaborative process between the client and the architect. Each home should reflect the personalities and lifestyles of the clients while being sensitive to the environment. A home should inspire and enrich the lives of the people who live in it.

Many considerations must be taken into account when planning and creating a successful design. Functionality and aesthetics are paramount. In good design, you must have both. Violanda explores exciting new design solutions and constantly strives for the most beautiful design aesthetics without compromising function.

The site is another important consideration. Each site is unique. Is the property located in an environmentally sensitive area, in a flood zone, in a rural area, in a historic district? How does one approach the property? Is the topography of the land flat or hilly? Does the property have magnificent ocean views or tranquil lake views, is it surrounded by farmland or manicured gardens, does it sit quietly in a meadow or is it nestled in the woods? Is the house sited on a small, narrow lot or are there acres to work with? How close are the neighbors? Violanda studies the site to determine where to place the house to take advantage of the most desirable views. She explores how the sun moves around the structure and how it filters throughout the interior spaces. Each home is perfectly tailored to the client and the surrounding environment.

Violanda’s creative floor plans are extremely functional, and are designed with character, charm and elements of surprise. Careful thought is given to how one space flows into the next, how natural light moves through the spaces, and how the exterior spaces interact with the interior spaces. Her homes are meticulously detailed and they respect the environments where they are built. They are designed to integrate interior spaces with the land and gardens that surround them.