Additions and alterations of older homes can be surprisingly complex…over the years, construction methods and materials have changed…building codes have also changed.

Violanda is experienced at transforming uninspiring, nondescript structures into breathtaking homes. She finds creative solutions to even the most complex problems. She sees potential where other people see obstacles.

For existing structures, a site survey of the property will be done. The existing house is carefully measured, floor plans and elevations are created… photos are taken to document all the details and conditions that are existing.

A detailed review of all applicable zoning considerations, covenants and restrictions is performed.

In this initial phase, Violanda establishes a scope of work for the project and meets with the clients to learn about their needs, dreams, priorities, budget and lifestyle. Design components and architectural elements are discussed. A creative direction is set for the project. This is the first step in creating a design that is functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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